And So it Begins…

Today is the opening day of the festival and so far I’m still feeling pretty happy about my picks. Sure, there are movies I’d love to see that I sacrificed for others… But all in all, I’m pretty excited.

Bracing too, for 10 days of little sleep, eating badly, and running between movie theatres. It’s also ragweed season and I have terrible allergies which always seem to get aggravated by the no-sleep-bad-food-spending-too-much-time-in-movie-theatres thing. I have tickets for 45 films this year again. And while that sounds like 4.5 per day… I only have 2 screenings today and so there are a few days when I have 6 films. ACK. Time will tell whether I get to them all. As excited as I am about seeing each of the films I’ve picked, there comes a point each year where sleep, or getting a real meal, starts to take precedence.

On deck for today:

Fugitive Pieces. A Canadian film based on a novel by Anne Michaels, about a young Holocaust survivor who comes to Canada via Greece after the war. I remember liking this book when I read it (at least 10 years ago) but only a few strong images have remained in my mind. And often it’s tricky to translate literary fiction to the movie screen… but it’s directed by Jeremy Podeswa who directed many episodes of Six Feet Under and some other interesting TV stuff. And it got a 3 star review in the Globe today… So I’m hopeful. It’s also the first time I’ve gotten a ticket for the opening film. I was so lucky in the lottery this year.

Next is Persepolis, an animated film that’s a coming of age story of a girl in Tehran during the rule of the Shah, the Islamic Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War. Not your average Saturday morning cartoon from the sounds of it.

I’m going to try to blog about at least one of the films each day. I’m not sure what the camera situation is going to be this year, but if I can take some snaps I’ll post those too… Last year in some screenings they had big thugs trying to prevent people from taking snaps
Not sure what the situation will be this year. But depending on how it seems, I’ll bring my camera to the opening of Jesse James on Thursday night. How could I not take a picture of Brad Pitt????