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Glory, The Dust Chronicles Book 3

Ten weeks as the #1 Bestseller on Amazon.com for Teen Social Issues.

Mcgowan-Glory-500Glory is a Deviant. That is what she was always taught, growing up in the domed city of Haven. She has the power to kill with her gaze, but she’s learned to control this power and use it only against the monstrous Shredders, who survive on the asteroid dust that mutated their DNA.

Now living in a settlement Outside, Glory has the chance to embrace her “Gift” and reunite her remaining family. But she can’t hide from the threat of Shredder attacks or the knowledge of what Management is doing to the employees of Haven.

Can she face losing everything she has left to bring freedom to Haven? Will she choose the familiar safety of Cal’s love or risk Burn’s dangerous passion? Ultimately, Glory must decide how far she is willing to go to keep her family safe, and what it really means to be a monster.

This is the thrilling finale to The Dust Chronicles trilogy.

“Maureen McGowan has brilliantly composed a spectacular conclusion to The Dust Chronicles. The writing is tight, the subplots intricate, and the resolution gratifying.” — CanLit for Little Canadians

I just finished Glory, the third book in the series. I loved all three books. They kept me captivated through out. Edge of my seat tension during major struggles, heart warming love and tearful losses is what made these books so great. I would love to see these stories made into a major motion picture some day. Thank you Maureen McGowan for sharing your imagination with us.” — A reader

“Love it! I absolutely fell in love with Glory and the entire series of The Dust Chronicles. The characters were personable, exciting, humble, scary, interesting and so much more. I would recommend these books to anyone who is ready for a great read and an adventure!!!!” — A reader