Crazy Weather

Okay, the weather may not be the most exciting blog topic, but we Canadians love to talk about the weather.

And this month it’s strange. Yes, this is a huge monster country so the weather is pretty diverse, but normally this time of year you can count on a few things. One of these things certainly isn’t snow in Vancouver or Victoria… They never get snow, even in the dead of winter, never mind November.

Yes, it’s normally getting cold on the prairies by this time of year, but the minus 40 windchills they’ve been having in Edmonton, Calgary etc. are insane.

And… it’s balmy where I live in Toronto. Okay, not exactly tropical, but my thermometer said 15 yesterday, which is almost 60 degrees Farenheit. In the sun, you don’t need a jacket. We often have snow by now. Maybe not the kind of snow that will last all winter, but perhaps an early blizzard that’s annoying and turns to slush and reminds us of what’s heading our way in January and February.

Instead, we’re getting the nice fall weather we really didn’t get much of in October. Yipee.

My apologies to my fellow Canadians suffering in less favourable weather conditions. I’m sure we’ll get ours, too… Soon…

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  1. November 27, 2006 at 11:17 pm

    I’m enjoying the great weather here too. Yay for us. Now my Vancouverite brother won’t be so smug when I talk to him on the phone. Did you know many West Coasters refer to Toronto as “Trauma.” Not very nice eh?

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