Grey’s Anatomy

Okay, so I waxed poetic (I wish) on the first season of Grey’s Anatomy on the DWT talk blog… but suddenly want to add something more current on the topic.

I’ve read criticisms on other blogs etc. of Izzie’s character. “How can we sympathize with a character who’s beautiful, smart and then inherits 8 million dollars from a man she was barely engaged to?”

I beg to differ….

Is someone immune from pain because she’s pretty? Because she has money?

I find her character one of the most interesting ones on that show. (Okay, Christine is hands down the most interesting character, but I also like Izzie… and George….)
Izzie’s total white trash. Grew up poor. But because she was smart and pretty, (Yes, I concede it took both, but that, in itself, is interesting) she became a doctor.

Then she falls in love with a dying man. Dying man dies and turns out to have money he bequeaths to her.

Some say this makes things easy for Izzie. I think it adds to her difficulties/complexities. She doesn’t NEED the money. She’s conflicted by having it. She’s full of guilt and sadness and feelings of not being worthy and getting by on her looks….

I LOVE this character.

Deeply complex.

I’m done….