It’s YASH time again!!!!

I’m super excited to be part of YASH again! The hunt starts on Thursday!

Here are the deets:

How To Hunt
Participating in the YA Scavenger Hunt is easy! Here’s all you have to do:
On April 4 at noon (Pacific Standard Time), the hunt is open. 
During that time, you can go to the participating authors blogs and websites–you can find them all here. The first thing on the page should be their hunt information–there you can find out about new authors and get exclusive content.
Take note of the highlighted number on each author’s hunt page. You need that number to enter the contest!
Each author is on either the RED Team or the BLUE Team. Add up the numbers of all the authors on the red team, and you have the secret code you need to enter the contest. The prize is all the books from the authors on that team! You can only enter once, and your entry only counts if you have the right number, so make sure you get the right code! Break out those calculators!
You have to submit your entry by April 7, noon, Pacific Standard Time. You can submit your entry for each team HERE.
On April 8th, we’ll announce the winners! There’s one winner for the red team, and one for the blue team. The hunt IS open internationally, to all ages, so you have no excuse to not join in the fun!
See you April 4!

I’m on team BLUE along with these other amazing authors! What a line up!

Amber Argyle
Josephine Angelini 
Kate Avelynn 
Lisa Burstein 
Tera Lynn Childs
Kate Evangelista
Tara Fuller
Rachel Harris
Colleen Houck
Justina Ireland
Ellie James
Carrie Jones
Jessica Khoury
Cindy Madsen
Megan Miranda
Erica O’Rourke
Diana Peterfreund
Amy Plum
Beth Revis
Gina Rosati
Victoria Scott
Jessica Spotswood
K.A. Tucker
Lisa Voisin