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I won!

I was thrilled to find out on Friday evening that COMPLIANCE won the Golden Leaf for best YA! (Thank goodness for twitter! I thought the awards were Saturday night.)

The award is given out by the New Jersey chapter of the RWA. I wish I’d been at the conference to collect the hardware, but alas. :(

This nomination and win were especially gratifying since COMPLIANCE is the middle book in a trilogy, and it’s not exactly a romance… So, I was very pleased that the judges felt that a) it worked as a standalone and b) the romance elements were satisfying. (Worried me in a middle book.)

I had a friend accept the award for me and I’ll have to get together with her soon to get my hands on it!  I’ll post a photo of the award once I see it. :)

In other good news, Compliance made the “Best Books” list put together twice a year by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre!

Speaking of the CCBC, I was at the CCBC’s awards last night, sponsored by TD Bank. It was a fabulous event and a great time to catch up with lots of author friends.

Here’s a slightly blurry snap of me with author Adrienne Kress (also currently starring in a fun Chum FM commercial if some of you local Toronto peeps recognize her).

Ode to Jodie Foster

Posted during the Oscar red carpet….

I don’t know what it is about Jodie Foster. Maybe it’s that we’re almost exactly the same age, (okay, I’m 6 months and 15 days older) maybe it’s because I saw her in so many Disney movies when I was a kid, maybe it was because we’re both blonde (well, I was) and tomboyish and (she says humbly) smart (or at least we both did well at school, which isn’t always the same thing as smart)….

I don’t know exactly what it is. I just know if I could be anyone in the world other than myself. I would be Jodi Foster.

And it’s not the fame (although I wouldn’t hate that) it’s the brains and the class and the confidence and the way her blue eyes matched her dress at the Oscars. I’d die for that. (But my dress would have to be green and my eyes would have to be a different colour of green to look that great in a dress…) How great was it that she told Ryan Seacrest that she had her eyes specially died to match her dress? Wit people. That’s called wit. Okay, I want her wit, too.

I once dated a man who thought I looked likd Helen Hunt (okay, before you laugh, I was thinner then) But if I was going to pick an actress my age I identify with, it wouldn’t be Helen (though I love her) it would be Jodi.

Speaking of actors I remember from childhood — Jackie Earle Haley. God I hope he wins. That would be so cool. I’ve blogged about Little Children before. Amazing movie. Need to read the book.

Okay, just about to post and Celine Dion walzes down the carpet… Okay, I know she has the ESL issues, but “we’ve been to the Oscars before”. Who is she? The Queen? What’s with the royal we?

Lead or supporting???

Does anyone know how actors end up in lead or supporting actor categories for award shows?

I mean, why were Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett in the lead category for Babel where Adriana Barraza was in supporting? She certainly had a bigger and more pivotal part than Cate, anyway, who spent 90% of the movie practically unconscious.

And more to the point, why was Beyonce in the lead category when Jennifer Hudson was in supporting?
I’m glad that it gave Jennifer Hudson better chance to win, (since she didn’t have to go up against Helen Mirren) but she was definitely the lead of Dreamgirls — which I finally saw tonight.

She was a revelation. I’d heard she was good, but she actually made me cry. And I don’t get how anyone could say Effie isn’t the protagonist of that movie. How does that put her in a supporting role category?