The Power of Pure Joy and Positive Friends

Recently, my awesome friend, Debbie Ohi, aka InkyGirl, aka @inkyelbows had an amazing opportunity. I was privileged enough to have been “in on the secret” from the start and although I don’t think I was much help to her, I was beyond honored that she asked for my help, and my insides were buzzing with excitement for the entire month before she got her good news.

Debbie, is providing illustrations for the new cover designs of Judy Bloom’s fabulous middle grade classics!!! And also illustrations (interior and covers) for three of her chapter books!!!

So exciting!!!

And reading Debbie’s joyful post announcing the news and describing her audition process, I’m reminded why I love Debbie (as if I needed any reminders). And why I so appreciate having positive people in my writerly-life.

So much in publishing can be disheartening. We all pour our hearts into, and work so very, very hard on projects that never go anywhere… And Debbie is no exception to this. She’s had heartbreaks too. But her pure joy that’s so evident in this post says it all.

Please join me in congratulating Debbie!!!!!

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  1. February 19, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    Aw…thanks so much, Maureen! *mega-hugs* Your encouragement and friendship over the years has meant so much to me.

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