Where is Deviants?

Well, that’s actually a good question.

If you’re heading out to your local big chain book store, or even indie… spoiler alert… the chances of finding Deviants on the shelves are very, very low.

Why is that you ask?

While there can be a lot of reasons that a particular book doesn’t end up in stores (small publisher, bad distribution, not a “commercial” enough title or genre, no sales push from publisher…) in my particular case it’s none of the above.

Bookstores in the US and Canada banded together to boycott my publisher, Amazon Children’s Publishing. The official reason stated by the big US-based chain who started the boycott was that the publisher is only making the e-books available in the kindle format (not Nook, or Kobo, or the more generic e-pub), but I suspect the reasons go deeper than that. But that’s not really what this post is about.

This post is supposed to answer the question: Where is Deviants?

Drumroll….. Answer:

To buy the e-book (currently only $3.99!) you can buy it at the kindle store here:  Deviants on Kindle.

If you don’t have an account with Amazon.com yet, set one up. It’s easy. You will need a credit card but it’s probably one of the most secure retail sites out there. Amazon pioneered this online retailing stuff. They’re good at it. Very. (One possible reason the other retailers are scared and boycotting the book released by the publisher they own..)

Don’t have a kindle? No problem either. There are free kindle apps for your computer, tablet or smart phone.

To buy the hardcover, (prices vary), you can order from most online bookstores.  They will ship them directly to you (possibly for free if you order other things too–or, say, multiple copies. 😉 ) or you can have them shipped for pick-up at a local store. Here are a few suggestions:

And if you live in Southern Ontario and/or the Kingston area, the following stores have Deviants in stock. (Many copies at these stores are even signed! *note to self* get up to Yorkdale to sign more of their stock.)

Indigo Yorkdale
Chapters Brampton
Chapters Barrie
Chapters Belleville

Not being on bookshelves makes it harder for me to help readers find my book. Want to help spread the word? If you’ve read Deviants, please consider posting a review at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca or wherever you post reviews. Tell your friends about it. Tell strangers about it. 😉 Ask for it at your library. Ask your local bookstore to order it.

This has been a public service announcement from the Where’s Deviants Task Force (WDTF).