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Where is Maureen?

Where am I reading?

Me Reading Crash cropped


My friends over at YA Chicks are running a great contest where you can win books, critiques, Skype visits from authors! To participate, you just have to guess where I’m reading in this photo.

If you’re new here… Let me wave hello and introduce myself! I’m Maureen McGowan, the author of The Dust Chronicles, DEVIANTS, COMPLIANCE and GLORY. The entire trilogy is on sale right now at Amazon.com!!! The paperback editions are only $7.50 each, and the kindle versions are $3.99.

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I take any chance I get to read or write, and never go anywhere without a book or my kindle (often both–a girl needs choices!). Also, I rarely go out without my laptop or a notebook, so I can steal any opportunity to write.

The photo above was taken by the fabulous Morgan Rhodes (NYT Bestselling author of the Falling Kingdoms series) and it’s a shot of me reading an Advance Reader Copy of CRASH by Eve Silver.

Morgan and I had just seen Eve receive an award for the first book in her series, RUSH and since Morgan showed me her ARC of CRASH I had to take advantage and do a little reading!

Where am I reading?

Your Clues:

  1. I’m in the largest city in Canada.
  2. I’m only a few feet away from the shore of one of the Great Lakes–okay, Lake Ontario.
  3. At 1,815 ft, 5 inches the tower in the background held the record as the tallest building, tower, and freestanding structure for over three decades. It remains the tallest in the Western Hemisphere.
  4. The tower behind me is named for a railroad company.
  5. I’m standing on the grounds of Harbourfront Centre, but the correct answer is the name of the tower in the background.

Think you have the answer? Head over to http://www.yachicks.blogspot.com/ to enter answer into the Rafflecopter for a chance to win!

Bonus Giveaway!

As a bonus I’m giving away a signed paperback edition copy of the first book in my series: DEVIANTS.

Enter in the rafflecopter below for a chance to win!
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On May 22nd I’ll be taking part in a fun contest to promote reading and writing.

Readers will have the chance to win one of these books.

group pics



Writers will have a chance to win a critique from a published author and teachers will have the chance to win a Skype visit from an author!!!

Of course, if you happen to be all three, you can enter to win all three types of prizes!

Here’s a link to the main site for more information.

RWA 2012 Photos!

Last week I was at the RWA National conference. RWA is the Romance Writers of America. I’ve been a member of this group since 2003 and love it, even though the last romance manuscript I wrote was in, um 2004.

They’re changing their rules and it’s possible that I won’t be able to be a member much longer–pout–but I learned so much from the organization and it’s members, and the conference is always a fabulous time.

This year I even got to meet some folks from my publisher, which was awesome.

But the best part of the conference is that I got to spend some time with great friends.

Here are a few photographic highlights.

The fabulous Stephanie Doyle with her RITA finalist flag flying. :)

And another of Steph after I caught her attention. This was during the set up for the HUGE literacy signing.

Steph and fellow GLIAS blogger Heather Snow

Steph and I at the vodka workshop. Yes, there was a vodka workshop. I learned that I shouldn’t drink so many sweet vodka drinks in a row. 😉

Later that same night… with YA author Linda Gerber and Harlequin author Liz Talley. At The House of Blues, Downtown Disney.

With the fabulous Molly O’Keefe. We were “getting ready” for the RITA ceremony. We found every tiny (and awesome) Mexican restaurant within a mile of our hotel. Fish tacos! Margaritas!

YA Author Wendy Delsol, and romance authors Megan Frampton and Carolyn Jewel at our table for the RITA ceremony. (We were the girls in the back row.)

My Zombie Apocalypse Team

There’s a meme going around on Facebook right now where you go to your profile and form your Zombie Apocalypse Team from the first seven people listed on your friend list (FB randomly changes this list all the time…)

Mine was just too awesome not to share and comment on, and I couldn’t get it all in the 500 characters you’re allowed in a FB status update. :)

My Zombie Apocalypse Team:

Sidekick: Lisa McMann (HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? Lisa is the sidekick of my wildest dreams. I’d be lucky to be her sidekick. :)

Heavy Weapons: Amanda Coppedge Bosky (AWESOME! She knows about zombies. I’ve seen her reading the manual! For real! I’m Golden!!!)

The Idiot Who Survives: Kaylin McFarren (She’s a tough cookie. And so not an idiot. Glad you survive, Kaylin. :)

Sniper: Kristen Millar (I’m glad I got at least one family member on my team. And my cousin’s got good aim, I’ll bet. :)

The One Who Loses It: Christine Enta (Oh, this is funny. Sorry Christine. But a chick lit writer is the one who loses it??? Oh, the stereotyping.)

The Brains: Loreth Anne White (and it gets better and better. Loreth writes suspense! LOVE my team. Loreth definitely has the knowledge and brains to save us! YAY!)

First To Die: Megan Crewe (Oh, no!!!!! Megan, I’m sure you’ll die saving the rest of my awesome Zombie Apocalypse Team. :)

My Zombie Apocalypse Team rocks! We are going to kick a lot of zombie ass!