Scott Pilgrim

Has anyone else seen this SCOTT PILGRIM vs THE WORLD? I LOVED it, and not just because it was set in Toronto. And REALLY set in Toronto, not like so many other movies and TV shows that are filmed here but not set here. There was even one part of the movie where they were on the set of another movie… and there’s a bit where characters get thrown through a scrim that’s a backdrop of New York. Maybe that’s only funny if you live in Toronto and know how many films set in NY are actually shot here… but I thought it was funny.

An aside… but assuming it was shot last winter, they must have had to make a lot of snow… because it was set in a snowy, wintery Toronto, and we didn’t get any snow last winter… Just saying. But the city looked great. Reminded me why I love living here. And shots inside places like Lee’s Palace and at Casa Loma were really fun, too.

And these examples of tiny things that are almost like background laughs amongst the action. This movie was so funny on so many levels. Highly entertaining. It’s shot like a video game, but in a natural way, as if it’s perfectly normal for this ordinary guy to have powers and be able to pick up new tools to use or score points when something happens.

I liked it so much, I want to see it again.

If you’ve seen it, let me know what you think!