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TIFF People’s Choice Winner

And the winner is:

Silver Linings Playbook

SAt easth

Alas, I did not see this one–it was already sold out when my number came up to book tickets :-( –but I definitely will see it when it comes out.

 At each screening during the festival this year, they reminded us of past People’s Choice winning films that premiered at TIFF and went on to greatness. There have been many such films, but the 3 they reminded us of were: American Beauty, Slumdog Millionaire and The King’s Speech.

The rags-to-riches story that was most dramatic was that for Slumdog Millionaire — for a few reasons. First, it was destined to be a straight to DVD release before it screened at TIFF and it went on to gross a huge amount globally and second… I was in its premiere screening at TIFF in 2008.  Because it was a premiere and no one knew anything about it, (other than the director was Danny Boyle), the reaction and atmosphere at the premiere were electric.

I remember only hesitantly putting Slumdog on my list of picks that year. I wanted to see it because I’ve been a huge fan of Danny Boyle ever since I saw Shallow Grave… but on the down side the photo they put in the program made the film look bleak and I thought it would be a kids suffering in the slums of Mumbai kind of movie — and I try not to do too many of those kinds of films at TIFF. (Many films at the festival are on the dark side… and it can get overwhelming if you don’t balance it with a few lighter ones.)

But I’m so glad I picked Slumdog that year. I was blown away. Here’s my rambling blog post about Slumdog Millionaire during the 2008 TIFF.

Can’t wait to start posting more about the films I saw this year. :-)